Saturday, November 11, 2017

REMINDER: OCMS concert this Friday!

We are looking forward to a delicious dinner and wonderful concert!
The meal is a Michigan-themed Thanksgiving dinner.

Monday, November 6, 2017

OCMS String Camp 2017 - very late

OCMS String Camp was a wonderful time of musical training and development!

Getting ready for the first day!

We had chapel sessions right before lunch

Dr. Wood was a wonderful speaker


Pastor Ben gave a challenge

Aural Skills 3


This was Buk's first year in Beta
Beta rehearsal

Sectionals with the fearless Jonathan Wessel

Free time!

Intense concentration

Mrs. Herwaldt was a conductor for Beta/Gamma/Delta

Caleb was the camp photographer on Friday

Delta with Mr. MacNair

It was great to have Tisha at camp!

There's one happy camper!

Nathan coached the violin quartet

Julia with her quartet

Esther did a great job!

Lauren was a great leader in the cello section

Mr. Culver was an outstanding coach!

We had the opportunity to play some of our pieces for Bethany Villa,
a retirement home that is next to church

Anna and Elisabeth taught the Twinklers!

Mrs. Ann Strubler played a couple of pieces for us
and shared her story

The Twinkle and Alpha concert was on Friday morning

Robin Hood and Little John :D

Mrs. Needham led the Alpha orchestra

The faculty ensemble

A new thing for String Camp - chorale



Buk enjoyed the concert :D


Gamma & Delta did some fiddling

Beta, Gamma, and Delta!

2017 OCMS String Camp students and faculty