Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's a busy life

We participated in the Michigan Association of Christian Schools (MACS) Senior High competition along with Bethany Christian School on March 6.

It was a great experience and tons of fun.

Jon won first place in traditional color photography with "Sunrise through the fog".

Grace and Melody played a sacred piano duet.

We (Jon, Grace, Melody) were also part of a large string ensemble that played the fourth movement of the Simple Symphony by Benjamin Britten - a very fun and energetic piece.

Participating in a string quartet, playing Dvorak's Quartet No. 12.

We were grateful to the Lord to have placed in the categories that we competed in.

Somebody is camera shy!

Florida and home again!

We arrived home late yesterday to snow and temperatures in the teens. Yikes!

Florida was GREAT! 70's every day......

Sorry this post is so late - the laptop crashed on Tuesday.

We are thankful to our church friends the Schneidts for letting us stay with them in their time share in Kissimmee!

Sharing funny stories

RELAXING - our favorite thing to do :)

Julia has finally found her match at Trouble

The place where we stayed (on the 6th floor)

Who is that up there?

Oh, it's Joe!

Lots of exercise!

The girls LOVE Mrs. Schneidt!

Jon LOVES his sisters!

Lydia and Anna

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

With palm trees! Mom loves palm trees!

A rare smile for the camera :)

A happy group in sunny FL!

Playing catch for the first time since November and the last time until April!

Don't swallow the ball, Joe!

We went to Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Winter Garden on Wednesday. It was a blessing to share in the ministry of music there.

Mary with William Klapperich

Lots of little friends!

ICE CREAM! The ULTIMATE after-church snack!!

Messy Jessy!

We spent a night at the Palazzolos' in AL to break up the trip home from FL.

Julia and Benjamin enjoy playing together

Can I have a ride too? PLEEASE?

Rebecca enjoying the trip home :)

The new bus driver!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lots of fun, relaxation, and good conversation

Hi everybody! We had a great time in Georgia; on the way we stopped at Tybee Island to see the ocean!
All of us kids - it was our first time ever to see the ocean!

Lydia with her starfish :)

Jon and Rebecca

Typical Jon

Just relaxing and enjoying ourselves


Continued on to the Hollidays' in Hinesville, GA (near Savannah)
Grace, Ruth Holliday and Melody

Daddy and Mr. Holliday - good conversation!

Jon, Caleb, Nathan Holliday and Joseph - more good conversation!

Some of the girls - even more good conversation!!

Little Cutie!

Went to a military museum on base at Fort Stewart

All of the kids

The Hollidays' house - with lots going on in front!

Whoa girl!

Daniel Holliday

Joseph and Nathan Holliday duke it out

Mrs. Holliday making some delicious food!

Always good to grab a couple of guns and do some shooting!

The Hollidays' church

The Orchestra - it was fun playing together!

What a fun group!!

Right now we are in Florida! Just relaxing and playing games :)