Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lots of fun, relaxation, and good conversation

Hi everybody! We had a great time in Georgia; on the way we stopped at Tybee Island to see the ocean!
All of us kids - it was our first time ever to see the ocean!

Lydia with her starfish :)

Jon and Rebecca

Typical Jon

Just relaxing and enjoying ourselves


Continued on to the Hollidays' in Hinesville, GA (near Savannah)
Grace, Ruth Holliday and Melody

Daddy and Mr. Holliday - good conversation!

Jon, Caleb, Nathan Holliday and Joseph - more good conversation!

Some of the girls - even more good conversation!!

Little Cutie!

Went to a military museum on base at Fort Stewart

All of the kids

The Hollidays' house - with lots going on in front!

Whoa girl!

Daniel Holliday

Joseph and Nathan Holliday duke it out

Mrs. Holliday making some delicious food!

Always good to grab a couple of guns and do some shooting!

The Hollidays' church

The Orchestra - it was fun playing together!

What a fun group!!

Right now we are in Florida! Just relaxing and playing games :)

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