Friday, February 20, 2009

Lots of fellowship

Here we are at the Johnsons' in Rock Hill, SC! We have had a wonderful time with them and with folks in the area that we visited.

Johnsons' house

We sang and played at their church.

Melody singing

Mom's nurse-midwife moved down here a few years ago, and she was able to come to the service.

All of us with Mrs. Joan Lynn (the nurse-midwife)

Our after-church pigout: LOTS OF ICE CREAM!!

Working out in Mr. Johnson's exercise room

Show us your muscle!

Mrs. Johnson and Julia

Mr. Johnson and Julia

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

All of us with the Johnsons

Daddy working on the van - everything's fine!

The water tower at Gaffney, SC - thought it was pretty neat

Visiting with the Opalaks

Mrs. Opalak with Julia and Mary

Headed over to BJ to see some friends

Mark Cox and Jon

Another group shot

Went to see Mrs. Gayle Thompson

All of us with Mrs. Thompson - what a nice-looking group!

We are leaving for Georgia as we speak - more later!

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