Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just life in general

Life is moving along :)

We have been getting a lot done here at home...and abroad!

Here are some shots of regular life....

Rebecca having some fun

Grace showing off her painting in the new girls' room

Just Kidding! Daddy and Grandpa M, with the boys as crew, painted a good majority of the "ceiling" in our new room - a beautiful light pink.

We had some friends of the family - the Alwans - over.

Mom went to college with Mrs. Alwan over 20 years ago.


Rebecca is officially and...wait...SUCCESSFULLY potty-trained!!

We are proud of her!

Here is Mary working on a craft at her desk.

Look carefully.....her front tooth is out!

If anyone is wondering how we get loose teeth out, wonder no longer!

HAHA!!!! No, really, she pulled it out herself :)

It has been a while since someone in our family has lost a tooth, so Mary's first "loose tooth" was quite a big deal .

Grace turned 16 on March 15th.

Totally engrossed

Melody hard at work practicing

Practice makes permanent!

If you play an instrument, keep persevering!!

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