Sunday, April 19, 2009

TEA Party


Our young political activists were out in force at the TEA party in front of the Troy city hall on April 15th.

Pep talk time

It's a family thing

Mary is quite a ham.


Hope everybody had a wonderful Easter! We had two beautiful presentations of our Easter Cantata at our church (First Baptist of Troy, Michigan). We also went to Dad's parents for a get-together with family and friends!

We had an Easter egg hunt (sponsored by Uncle Brian) for all of the kids.

Bella and Mary enjoyed searching together!

Isn't our little cousin CUTE?!!!!

THE LAST EGG - 'cause Jon hid it:)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Current "events"

The boys enjoy playing baseball, playing with guns, playing with lots of other things, with our neighbors the Francises. We are so thankful to have wonderful neighbors like them!

Pop's popcorn!
The popcorn was provided by Jon - he grew it last year. It was delicious!

Melody warming up and Joseph, well.... ummmm....
Actually, that day we auditioned for the Taiwanese Music Festival near Ann Arbor. Grace, Anna and the string quartet are going to be learning Taiwanese pieces and participating in a second audition and, if we qualify, playing in an honors concert.

The best "friend-pals!" (as Mary calls themselves)

The Palazzolos came up from Alabama for a couple of days. We saw them at an orchestra practice. Olivia is having lots of fun!

Our friend and graphic design artist, Evan Bambrick, and his feline secretary, Esther.

Mary enjoying her book - she actually LOVES to read. At 5, she is reading through the Bible and is in First Kings.

Some not-so-recent events

Here are a few pics of some things that happened a couple of weeks ago-

Grace and Melody participated in a scholarship competition sponsored by the Nill Foundation in cooperation with the Macomb Symphony. They both won scholarships, and we are very grateful to the Lord for how those scholarships will help with further musical education.

As a result of the scholarship, Grace was able to play in a few Macomb Symphony concerts (picture above)

Here are some shots of the "spring" birthday party (Joseph, Rebecca, and Grace).
We have divided everybody into seasons for birthday parties!

The brothers
(Dad and Uncle Brian)

Rebecca with Miley, the littlest cousin

The March birthday girls!

The happy little mommies!
Mary loves playing with her cousin Bella.

The voracious reader turns 13!

What a cutie Miley is!!

We were able to participate in the Junior High MACS Fine Arts Competition-

Lots of wonderful friends!
Grace, Melody, Haley Brammer, Anna, Hannah Drapinski

Anna was old enough to participate in a group event - she and Melody did a piano trio with Grace as the "accompanist"

Melody and Haley Brammer played a piano duo - "All Creatures of our God and King"

The accompanist and her invaluable page-turner

Melody played a really fun cello solo - Lalo Cello Concerto, 3rd movement. The red skirt set off the Spanish flair of the music!

Joseph entered this picture - Aquashell - in the digital photography category

Melody playing her sacred piano solo - "The Cleansing Wave"

Melody competed in the vocal category for the first time. She has been taking lessons from a sweet lady at our church, and enjoys it tremendously! She sang a "classical" piece - "For My Soul Thirsteth for God" by Mendelssohn

It was a blessing to have placed in all of the musical areas we competed in. The entire day was a great experience!