Saturday, April 11, 2009

Current "events"

The boys enjoy playing baseball, playing with guns, playing with lots of other things, with our neighbors the Francises. We are so thankful to have wonderful neighbors like them!

Pop's popcorn!
The popcorn was provided by Jon - he grew it last year. It was delicious!

Melody warming up and Joseph, well.... ummmm....
Actually, that day we auditioned for the Taiwanese Music Festival near Ann Arbor. Grace, Anna and the string quartet are going to be learning Taiwanese pieces and participating in a second audition and, if we qualify, playing in an honors concert.

The best "friend-pals!" (as Mary calls themselves)

The Palazzolos came up from Alabama for a couple of days. We saw them at an orchestra practice. Olivia is having lots of fun!

Our friend and graphic design artist, Evan Bambrick, and his feline secretary, Esther.

Mary enjoying her book - she actually LOVES to read. At 5, she is reading through the Bible and is in First Kings.

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