Sunday, July 19, 2009

Barn 2009

Hey everyone!

We are at our cottage in upstate NY known affectionately as the "Barn"

We have been having a really great time since we arrived on Thursday afternoon.

Here are a few of the 350+ pics Jon & Co. have taken the last couple days:

Julia is ready to roll!

Arriving at the Barn

The Barn

Guess who?

A beautiful Lake Ontario sunset

Breakfast @ the Four C's

Something is interesting

Lunch for 14 anyone?

The Michelin girl!

Now that's pressure!

Basketballs are flying!


See Joseph? (R hand side)
Jon gets the assist


The sunset on Sunday night

Look out!

There's Jon (Check back next time for Co.)

Hope to put up another post by Wednesday (that is off the record)

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