Friday, July 17, 2009

SSI 2009

SSI 2009

Pat, Jon, Grace and Melody spent the last week at the Student Statesmanship Institute (SSI) in Lansing.

Since we were first timers we were "representatives" for the whole week.

We were assigned committees, caucuses, and bills to support and oppose.

Our committee meetings were in real committee meeting rooms at the Capitol and the House legislative session was in the real House chamber.

The purpose of this camp was to help students better understand how the legislative system works.

We all had a blast and are definitely hoping to attend again next year!

For more information about SSI visit:

Here are some pics from the week-

Mr. Muffett - the big boss

MI Capitol

Looking up at the dome.

Dad sitting in as clerk in committee meeting

Deadly enemies from opposing caucuses - Collin and Luke

The guys Jon roomed with - Collin, Luke and Rick.

Jon at his desk on the House floor.

Grace at her desk

Melody as well

Grace giving her speech

All the Reps from our family

The whole group of SSI students we rode with (all from families with 10 or more kids)
Have a wonderful day!

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