Saturday, October 31, 2009

Big Boy fundraiser

We did a fundraiser for Melody's trip to Washington D.C. at the Troy Big Boy on Thursday night.

The event was to help the 7 contestants that advanced to the Nationals from our local bee.

All the servers (contestants and siblings)

Melody and the Big Boy!

How many Mieczkowskis does it take??

Big Boy treated us all to a meal afterwards! (we bussed our own tables!!)

Mieczkowskis and Alessios; another fun evening!

God's provision!

Through our neighbor, we were able to get and process 4 deer!

They were thinning the deer herd at company-owned property nearby.

Dad and the neighbor were out late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning picking up the deer and field dressing them.

Then Wednesday afternoon they ground up about 150 pounds of venison!!

Julia was having fun!

"I killed this 9 point with my (BB) gun!)

In the freezer and ready to cook!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Of Mice and Men and Women

Nimrod! the mighty hunter....

I can't look!!!!

Preparing for the Bible Bee

Bible Bee Nationals 2009! Here we come!

We have all been preparing in many different ways for the trip to Washington, D.C.

We are beginning to pack, or at least to think about packing, as we leave on Monday.

Of course, Melody has been studying, studying, and studying some more! In her own words:

Quizzing at Wendy's...

"Matthew 7:7-14..."



One big project that has to be finished before we leave on Monday is the trailer. Since we don't have enough room in the van for the amount of luggage needed (for a family of 12!), we call upon Old Faithful once more to get us to, and through, another trip. Dad and the boys have been making the hunk of junk a little more watertight than it has been, making for hours of work!

More later!

God Bless!

Bible Bee Concert October 16th, 2009


We're next?!?

The Octet

Elisabeth's solo

The Vivace String Quartet

The Heritage String Quartet

The Octet again!

The three Musketeers!

Everyone that participated in the concert; 4 Alessios, 1 Hayse, and 4 Mieczkowskis!

Watch out!

We had a really fun time doing this concert and are thankful to the Lord for His provision and for everyone that came!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Taiwanese Music Festival

We were able to participate in the Taiwanese Music Festival directed by our former teacher.

The piece our quartet played was written by a Taiwanese doctor and he traveled from Taiwan to hear the performance, which was the American premier.

Anna performing her piece.

Grace playing "Meditation"

HSQ performing "Dance for Enjoying the Moonlight".

All the participants

Us with Dr. Lin - the man who wrote our piece; our former violin teacher, Mrs. Yang, is on the far right.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bible Bee 2009

Hi everybody!

About a month ago, the seven oldest children in our family participated in the Bible Bee. This is the first year that the Bee has ever been held. Preparing for the Bible Bee includes memorizing many passages of Scripture and answers to Bible Knowledge Questions, along with studying 6 books of the Bible in depth.

There are two phases to the competition:

1. Local bees, where all contestants compete in three age categories, completing a 200-question written test and two oral rounds.

2. The National Bible Bee, where the top 100 finalists in each of the three age categories, determined by scores nationwide, compete. The National Bible Bee takes place in Washington, D.C.

We all studied over the summer (some more than others), and then participated in our local bee on September 12th. It was wonderful to spend extra time in God's Word, learning more every day. The local bee was a great experience, both in the competition and in getting to know other young people.

A week after the local bee, we received the results, and learned that Melody is going to the National Bible Bee! We are very excited for her!

The National Bible Bee is November 4-6; we will keep you updated with pictures and results!

Visit the National Bible Bee website.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday at Falls Berean Bible Church

On Sunday, October 4th, we ministered to Falls Berean Bible Church in Cuyahoga Falls, a suburb of Akron. We were able to do a sacred concert for the Sunday evening service, in which Dad spoke on music and presented the gospel, and we played and sang many hymns.

With our host family, the Woods

Pastor Saxton and family
It was a blessing to be with the sweet church family and to have the opportunity to minister to them.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ohio's Amish Country Day 2

We had another great day in Amish Country.

Look at the loot! We stopped at Shearer's Foods Factory Outlet Store. They have real deals! Notice the bag of cheese puffs in the middle of the picture (that Julia is holding). It's almost as big as her - 2 dollars at Shearer's!

At Sunny Slopes Orchard: look closely at the fence - it is made of apple trees grafted together!

Food! Food!

After stopping for ice cream, we headed to Warther's Carving in Dover, Ohio.

Notice the close-up of the previous picture. All by hand - no steaming, bending, power tools, computers - simply amazing! The white pieces are ivory from elephant tusks; the black is ebony wood, the second hardest wood known to man.

Enjoying the displays...

Two GPS's
Harriet (Global Positioning System) is mounted on the windshield...
...and Grace (Grace Positioning System) is holding the map!

Visiting with the Saxtons, the pastor's family from Falls Berean Bible Church

The final showdown of rock, paper, scissors!
(Jon won)

The parents enjoying some good conversation

Back at our host family's house. The boys are relaxing up in the finished attic.

The girls in their room.

More to come!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ohio's Amish Country Day 1

Hello everyone! We enjoyed a fun day of sightseeing in Amish Country!
How about a few pictures?!

Daddy and crew (9 of us) in the hotel pool at 7:30 in the morning!

Julia says that the caption for this picture is, "We love each other!"

The amazing Keim Lumber Company - unlike any Home Depot that you will walk into!

An Amish man gives us a tour of the mill at Keim Lumber

What a porch! We all loved the rocking chairs (especially Joseph!)

The exotic woodshed at Keim Lumber. This is a trip to the woodshed that we kids enjoyed!

Good thing there's a wrapper on this poison ivy

Let's hope they don't crash the building!

Welcome to our home (at Lehman's Hardware)

Caleb's two best friends

Could you spare a nickel for some extra water?!
At P. Graham Dunn, an amazing showroom of laser woodworking.

Amazing Grace at P. Graham Dunn

He's got his eye on the ball!
We stayed the night with the Wood family from Falls Berean Bible Church.