Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bible Bee 2009

Hi everybody!

About a month ago, the seven oldest children in our family participated in the Bible Bee. This is the first year that the Bee has ever been held. Preparing for the Bible Bee includes memorizing many passages of Scripture and answers to Bible Knowledge Questions, along with studying 6 books of the Bible in depth.

There are two phases to the competition:

1. Local bees, where all contestants compete in three age categories, completing a 200-question written test and two oral rounds.

2. The National Bible Bee, where the top 100 finalists in each of the three age categories, determined by scores nationwide, compete. The National Bible Bee takes place in Washington, D.C.

We all studied over the summer (some more than others), and then participated in our local bee on September 12th. It was wonderful to spend extra time in God's Word, learning more every day. The local bee was a great experience, both in the competition and in getting to know other young people.

A week after the local bee, we received the results, and learned that Melody is going to the National Bible Bee! We are very excited for her!

The National Bible Bee is November 4-6; we will keep you updated with pictures and results!

Visit the National Bible Bee website.

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