Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ohio's Amish Country Day 2

We had another great day in Amish Country.

Look at the loot! We stopped at Shearer's Foods Factory Outlet Store. They have real deals! Notice the bag of cheese puffs in the middle of the picture (that Julia is holding). It's almost as big as her - 2 dollars at Shearer's!

At Sunny Slopes Orchard: look closely at the fence - it is made of apple trees grafted together!

Food! Food!

After stopping for ice cream, we headed to Warther's Carving in Dover, Ohio.

Notice the close-up of the previous picture. All by hand - no steaming, bending, power tools, computers - simply amazing! The white pieces are ivory from elephant tusks; the black is ebony wood, the second hardest wood known to man.

Enjoying the displays...

Two GPS's
Harriet (Global Positioning System) is mounted on the windshield...
...and Grace (Grace Positioning System) is holding the map!

Visiting with the Saxtons, the pastor's family from Falls Berean Bible Church

The final showdown of rock, paper, scissors!
(Jon won)

The parents enjoying some good conversation

Back at our host family's house. The boys are relaxing up in the finished attic.

The girls in their room.

More to come!

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