Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sugarcreek, Ohio - trip and concert

Jon here in Sugarcreek, Ohio, reporting from the Carlisle Inn.

A couple of pics- (what else would you expect!)

The tools of the trade + other essentials!

Time to spread out

Go Tigers!!!!!!!

Getting in the practice

Enjoying the scenery!

A big surprise!!!! Both sets of grandparents came down for dinner and the concert.

Dinner at the Dutch Valley restaurant next to the Carlisle Inn

Good food there girl!!!!

The Carlisle Inn

The ad for our concert in the elevator- Us and Dino!!!!(not together!!)

The common area in our free suite of rooms (1500 sq. ft.)

We play for our lodging!!!

Which one is ready for a bike ride?!?!

Waiting her turn

$10,000 worth of instruments. Don't tread on us!!!!

We've never played in wicker chairs before!!

Dad was able to share a short Gospel message.

More concert scenes

The finale - Jesus Loves Me

Check out Rebecca's sticks!! Lefthanded even!

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