Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monday & Tuesday - trip down and visiting with cousins

We arrived at our Aunt Sharon's house in VA Monday night. We had a very uneventful trip besides the DC traffic, which is an adventure every time...

Parking garage light painting; see the hearts?

Oh Joe!

On Tuesday, we visited Manassas (site of the Battle of Bull Run) with our Virginia cousins, the Holtgrieves.

Checking out the markers

Monument to those killed in the battle.

Statue of Stonewall Jackson

All of the cousins

The Stone House, which was used as a hospital by both sides

We then went over to the Holtgrieves' house for lunch and some fun in the woods.

The Rope Swing over the creek

Back at Aunt Sharon's house for dinner.

We kids know that the shed roof is the place to hang out after dinner!


The Bunch with Aunt Sharon

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