Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Girls' Room...Almost

Dad and I have finished all the "real" work in the girl's new room. All that's left is the carpet.

The girls have already moved their desks upstairs.

The Little Girls

Here are some pictures of the 3 little girls and what they've been up to lately:

Julia, playing with the Play-Doh tools that the girls received for Christmas.

Mary, writing "Thank You" notes for Christmas gifts. If you click on the picture, you can see what she was doing. (Writing TY's assembly-line style).

Rebecca enjoyed setting this little nativity scene up.

Mary, learning to skate the same way Mom did (years ago).

Enjoying the boys' tactical gear

Oohhhh...I'm stuffed!

Jonathan and Julia

"Someone's been sleeping in my bed...

...and here he is!!"


Daddy recently got an IT job! Since the new job allows him to work at home quite a bit, he purchased a "work" laptop, which freed up the other laptop for Mom and us kids.

Setting everything up

A1 Secretary & Boss :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, we spend the evening at Grandpa and Grandma Mieczkowski's.

Our little cousin Miley had her 2nd Christmas!


I like my new hat!


Just relaxing...

Playing "Mississippi Hot Dog"

"Joy to the World"

"Infant Holy, Infant Lowly"

A couple of kids were sick at home, so they opened their presents there.

Christmas Morning

Each year, on Christmas Morning, we sleep in then open gifts from each other in our pajamas. Every child likes to make or buy special presents for the siblings and Dad and Mom. Even Mary and Julia gave everyone gifts!

The tree (before we opened the presents underneath it).

The four youngest girls opening a present from all of their older siblings....

...a doll!

Rebecca and...

well, we aren't sure who she is. The doll's original name was Liberty, but she is also called Adelina (Addy for short), Lisa, Lily, Tabitha, Jessica, Elsie, and Violet :) Any suggestions?!

This one was a total surprise! Anna had no idea that Melody and I (Grace) had made this jumper for her, right under her nose!

Webster's 1828 dictionary - for Melody's hope chest.

Oh goody - another book to read!

The doll-dressing team extrordinaire.

Checking out a new book

All smiles

A bookmark that Anna crossstitched for Daddy.

The battle scene :)

Christmas Breakfast - egg casserole, cinnamon buns, and oranges - YUM!

The next few are a sequence:


What are we doing here?

There we go! The Mieczkowski Family Stairsteps!

Merry CHRISTmas!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we always go over to our Grandpa and Grandma Birchard's house.

The whole bunch

Food! Food! Food!

The exploding Christmas tree

Opening presents...

The videographer

Joseph was excited about his present! (It is a training sword).