Sunday, April 11, 2010

Good times, Good friends

Joshua practicing?!?!

Anna and Adelina



Daddy and Daughter.

-The kids-

"Gorilla Glue! I'm telling you, that stuff's amazing!"

Rebecca's found another older sister!

Brooke's found another older brother...

and another!

Hi Brooke!

Mom and Bret

ummmm..... ah..........

Watching ridiculous videos on Joe's camera.

more Brooke sightings...

(The budding photographer Olivia took this picture, and a couple of the previous pics).

(The budding photographer Olivia!)

We did some special music for the Sunday services at Grace Baptist Church in Madison, AL.

The whole bunch!

"Two are better than one..." (Eccl. 4:9a) - so 22 are better than...?!

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