Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Long time no post

Hi everyone-

Sorry for not posting for so long!

Our family has been down with really bad fevers and chills for the last week, so we are not doing so hot. (or are we!)

Here is a little humor for our situation from Melody's grammar lesson:

"In the wee hours of the morning on Monday, Mary woke Melody.
She, the poor dear, was sick.
Melody, in the upstairs bathroom down the hall, gave a drink to her.
After cleanup, sleep was a problem for them.
They told their parents, a lovely couple, in the morning."

See if you can find all the prepositional phrases and appositives!

(this was not my idea! Pretty funny though - thanks Mom and Mel!)

Also wanted to let you know about a Student Statesmanship Institute promotional our five oldest and several other kids are doing. (if you've never heard of SSI click here.)

We are basically having a brief overview of what SSI is all about and then holding a mini mock legislature session. We are actually having a portion of the audience vote on the bill after we have the floor debate.

This promotion will be held at the Romeo Area Tea Party general meeting this Monday, the 26th.

The meeting is held at: Capital Banquet Center, 12350 31 Mile Rd, Romeo MI 48065

Here is the tea party website for more details: http://romeoareateaparty.org/wordpress/?p=93

Hope you can come!


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