Sunday, July 25, 2010

SSI 2010

We had a wonderful time at SSI last week!

Here are a couple of pics:

On Wednesday everyone had press conferences.

(Anna is in the back)

Melody and I were on the same caucus.
Here we are in committee meeting.

This is a picture of the dirt on the screen of our dorm window.
And the worst part of it was that I was sleeping in the living room!
Guess what I fell asleep looking at!
(not really, I didn't care:)

Melody was our caucus's official secretary.

Everyone is ready for their speeches, right?

The SSI Senators

Me at the speaker's rostrum

The SSI week two group!
The best week!

We really enjoyed having Timothy along!

Don't we look official? (all of us except Luke, that is!)

Joe and Anna did very well on their speeches

Yes, it was a long week!

The battle-hardened veteran and the newbie.
(actually, newbie no more!)
(I know he'll be reading this!)

Grace had a very fun group in her dorm!

Here is the group of guys that I roomed with.
We had a great time!
Our rule was that Tim and I couldn't go to sleep before 12:30 AM.
The later it got, the better the conversations were!

SSI was an absolute blast, and we all learned much more about how the legislature works!

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