Saturday, September 11, 2010

Drive by doings...

The closest we came to New York City!

THE MOST CONFUSING traffic sign we have ever seen!

We were not able to find a parking spot in Philadelphia due to towing the trailer, and so missed our reservations for touring Independence Hall and seeing the Liberty Bell :(
So, we decided to take an impromptu stop, and picked Valley Forge National Historical Park.

This picture is pretty self-explanatory

Caleb and Baron Friedrich von Steuben

The Valley Forge campground

Memorial Arch

"Mad" Anthony Wayne
Michigan's Wayne County is named after this famous general.

Here is a little covered bridge we drove across

The park was crawling with deer, and Joe took a pic of this fawn

After we finished visiting Valley Forge we continued on to Penn Run, Pennsylvania, where we are
staying at a church camp, Camp Faith, before playing in the church service Sunday.

Last trip update coming up tomorrow!

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  1. Crawling with deer, eh?


    Wait till you stay in Texas for a bit. We grow them as lawn ornaments :D