Saturday, October 30, 2010

Don't forget to vote!

Don't forget to vote this Tuesday, November 2nd!

This is a very, very important election for Conservatives,
and, as always, every vote counts.

It's funny; since I was elected precinct delegate, and had the chance to vote 
at the Republican State Convention to put great candidates 
for Attorney General, Secretary of State,
Supreme Court Judges and College boards on the ballet,
it is very rewarding feeling getting to the end and (hopefully) 
seeing the fruit of mine and others labor!

Our little lineup of signs!

OK, so here is the Mieczkowski Family-endorsed slate of candidates:

Attorney General:

Secretary of State:

State Board of Education:

U of M Board of Regents:

MSU Board of Trustees:

Wayne State Board of Governors:

Under the Non-Partison portion of your ballot be sure to vote for:
Justice Bob Young & Judge Mary Beth Kelly
for MI Supreme Court.
Also, vote NO on Proposal 1.
The last thing we need is a bunch of politicians rewriting 
our state constitution. 

For local race recommendations see 
candidate responses to questions on critical issues.

Hope this helps any of you who haven't made up their mind yet,
and make sure to GET OUT AND VOTE
on Tuesday, November 2nd!

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