Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Three little kittens - so joyfully they did cry

This is a very interesting experience that happened to us recently:

Just before we left for our trip to the Bible Bee in Chicago,
these three cats followed the boys home.

Aren't they cute? They are eating old Y2K food!

So of course the kids start playing with them-

We tried to give them to a neighbor the morning we were leaving, but she had to bring them back.

We didn't have time to take them to the Humane Society,
since we were just getting into the van to leave.

So, we left for Chicago with the cats in the van; when we saw their mother cat down the road, we dropped the kitties off to be reunited with their dear mama. As we drove off, we wondered what would become of these furry friends.

The drama that occurred while we were gone exceeded our wildest imagination. 
Our next-door neighbor was checking for packages while we were gone and noticed the three little kittens sleeping on our porch loveseat. Being a true animal lover, she called around to see if anyone would want these cuties. As no one responded, she took them to the Humane Society. Lo and behold, when she returned, she found that her son's teacher had called back to say that their family would take all three of the little kittens!  What a break for those kitty cats!

And who would that kitty-lover's husband happen to be? Michigan State Senator Alan Sanborn, who lives just a couple of miles away! You'd better believe that these will be the most conservative, politically-incorrect kittens that have ever graced the rural community of Richmond Township!

He named them Mitt (Romney), Rush (Limbaugh), and Newt (Gingrich)!

Quite the saga, don't you think?

(Thanks, Mom, for the guest post!)

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