Friday, January 28, 2011

A couple of pics....

Dad and I are here at the Republican State Convention
at the Amway Grand in Grand Rapids.

Our District Caucus meeting went tolerably well,
and we are finally back to our hotel room
after much networking and fellowshipping.

One thing of note:
On Tuesday when I was working for Senator Green, I was assigned
to collect the signatures of specific senators on three different posters.
I wasn't exactly sure what the purpose of the posters were at the time,
but I found out today!

Senator Green came to our caucus meeting, and presented one 
of the posters that I had collected the signatures on to our district!

It was really neat to see something that I had worked on 
turn up in such an unexpected place!

David and I

I also connected up with a fellow CBC member
who was here volunteering for one of the candidates.

The convention has been very interesting, and full of unexpected
turns and twists, but we are doing our best to stay on the right track!

Right now, I am so tired I can't see straight, so I am going to bed!

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