Saturday, January 22, 2011 rescue a pumpkin

  • Step 1: Rot some Pumpkins
    • Tip: this step is often accomplished inadvertently

  • Step 2: Remove rotten portions
    • Note: Pictures are not included for this step due to highly objectionable content for those with sqeamish stomachs

  • Step 3: Cut remainder of Pumpkins into slices and place in pan
    • Note: This remainder will be anywhere from 25-75% of the original amount

  • Step 4: Cook Pumpkin at 400° until tender
    • Note: this will take longer than the estimated time in the cookbook

  • Step 5: Remove the skin from each slice and pureĆ© the Pumpkin

  • Step 6: Allow younger sibling to help
    • Note: you may have to create something for them to do

  • Step 7: Measure the Pumpkin
    • Note: Hands may get dirty - enjoy it!

Photo credit: Rebecca
(No really - she actually took it!)

  • Step 8: Pause to take cute pictures of aforesaid younger sibling

  • Step 9: Pour Pumpkin into freezer bag

  • Step 10: Add Pumpkin to abundant stores of frozen produce already in the freezer

  • Finished! The Lord has blessed abundantly, providing above and beyond all that we could ever ask or think.

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  1. Love the post, my sister!
    So nice not to be flying this blog solo!