Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun day in Lansing...

Tuesday was a very fun day for Grace, Melody, and I!

The girls had the opportunity to job shadow our local state representative,
Andrea LaFontaine, as part of their Ambassador League assignments.
They sat in on her meetings, helped out in the office,
and talked, and talked, and talked!

Rep. LaFontaine even took each of them on the House floor
during session!

(Melody is at the end of the center row)

The girls had a wonderful time!

I had the opportunity to go to a bill signing by Governor Snyder in his 
ceremonial office at the Capitol.

And for those who really want to know exactly what the 
bills were, here we go:

"State Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, Michigan State Police Director Kriste Etue and Sgt. Christ Hawkins joined Gov. Rick Snyder at the Capitol as he signed Public Acts 17, 18, and 19, sponsored by Jones and colleague Sen. Phil Pavlov, R-St. Clair Township, to bring the state into compliance with the federal Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act."

It was really neat to be right there in the Governor's office
as he signed legislation into law!
An added bonus: I got to shake Governor Snyder's hand!

Also, to give you a little taste of what a normal day is like for me, 
using yesterday as an example:

Back at the office after the bill signing - I worked on compiling 
information and creating graphs for an upcoming page on 
Sen. Green's website that will deal with explaining the K-12 budget.
It's not up yet, but hopefully I will be able to post 
the link to that page sometime soon!

There usually is a free lunch(s) somewhere around town!
This particular day, McDonalds was handing out coupons for
 free snack wraps, and giving away coffee at the street 
corners, in celebration of their national hiring day next week!
(it's all about jobs, you know!)

I also usually run things around to different offices to get signatures, etc.
This week I took some maps to the Secretary of State's office,
as well as tributes to the Governor's office.
This can be a really fun assignment, depending on what the weather is like!

So that's a little bit of what's been going on in Lansing!

It you're ever going to be in Lansing on a Tuesday, be sure to let me know!

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