Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guess Who? Challenge ANSWERED -- April 2011

The Guess Who? Challenge is posted once a month, and is
a post of an old picture of... well, give your best shot at it!
Leave a comment with your guess of who is in the picture, and the answer
will be revealed a week after the original post.

Who could it be? 
You have a 1 in 7 chance of guessing right!

 This is a picture of JULIA, taken in 2005,
before she was one :)


  1. My guess is................GRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh dear! I don't think I can even dare guess about this one! :^)

  3. @Tillie
    C'mon!!!! (flashback to SSI) That's basically an abstention, and you know how much I (how can I say this nicely) hem, strongly dislike abstentions!
    It's like leaving a question blank on a test! Your odds are 1 in 7 of guessing it right!

  4. You weren't there my first year at SSI when I DID give an abstention! And since I've never been good at this, my odds are 8 in 7 of getting it wrong! (don't ask me how it works, I haven't figured it out myself yet!) But if you really push for it......Melody.

  5. @Tillie
    Thanks for playing!!!!!!
    Hope others will follow your good example and play along!!!!


  6. Guess who anonymous was?
    This person currently lives in the state that was admitted to the Union in 1819.
    This person is humming Hummel Fantasie while typing.

  7. @Anonymous-

    Your initials are OMP....
    I didn't need any hints....


  8. You got it...(figured)