Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Bible Bee Details

This post is for everyone who has asked us about the Bible Bee, and also so we can direct those who would like to know more about the Bible Bee to this post.

How Does It Work? 
The National Bible Bee begins June 1st as contestants learn to study a specified book of the Bible through the Bible Bee’s "Sword Study" and memorize Bible verses with their own Bible Memory Cards and Bible Bee Bibles. Local Hosts provide encouragement, support and family activities for socializing and studying. 

At the end of August, contestants gather for the Local Contest, which tests both Bible Memory and Bible Knowledge through oral and written tests. The top-scoring 300 National Track contestants from around the nation are invited to compete in the National Competition which is held in the fall. Winners at Nationals take home a total of $260,000 in cash prizes as well as other awards. 

Who can participate in the Bible Bee? 

Youth who will be 7 to 18 years of age as of November 13th, 2011 can register as official contestants of the Bible Bee. They will compete in one of three age divisions: Primary (7-10 years of age), Junior (11-14) or Senior (15-18). 

They can choose from three levels of difficulty: the National Track which is the most challenging and competitive; the Timothy Track which focuses on encouragement along with light competition as a motivator, and the Supporting Sibling Track for those who don’t wish to compete at all (or for siblings out of the official age range) but still want to use the Bible Bee materials and enjoy the Bible Bee experience. The difference between the National Track and the Timothy Track is the amount of verses memorized (as detailed below), the amount of questions on the day of the Local Bible Bee, and the fact that only National Track contestants can advance to the National competition in the fall. 

Amount of memory verses by track: 

National Track. Senior Division: 800 verses, Junior Division: 500 verses, Primary Division: 250 verses. 

Timothy Track. Senior Division: 150 verses, Junior Division: 100 verses, Primary Division: 50 verses. 

Supporting Sibling. No requirements, as it is a non-competitive track. 

How do we join the Bible Bee? 

Contestant registration is open through May 31st at www.BibleBee.org. Everything your family needs to participate is included in the registration fee of $30.00 per child ($150 maximum). Your Local Host will welcome you and keep you posted about local events throughout the summer. At the beginning of June, Bible Bee Boxes arrive on every contestant family’s doorstep. Each contestant will receive age-appropriate Sword Study materials, memory verse cards and a Bible Bee Bible in their chosen Bible version. Five Bible versions are available to choose from: KJV, NKJV, ESV, NASB, and NIV. Parent Guidebooks will assist you as you prepare for the Bible Bee. 

What happens at the Local Contest on August 27th? 

After a morning gathering, the three age divisions separate to complete their Written and Oral Test Rounds. The Written Test lasts for one hour and consists of 200 questions for National Track and 100 questions for Timothy Track contestants, covering their study of the designated book of the Bible and Bible Memory  comprehension questions. During the Oral Test, contestants recite up to 25 passages in 10 minutes in front of 2 Judges who grade their recitations. Parents are welcome to observe their child’s Oral Test. The five top-scoring youth from these rounds in each age division go on stage to compete in the Final Challenge Round, a single-elimination Bible Memory contest. 


For any additional information, or to register for the Bible Bee, go to www.biblebee.org

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  1. I encourage everyone able to participate in this AMAZING contest. Why? Because it's way more than a contest, it's hiding the Bible - God's Holy Word - in your heart! The benefits of this are countless! Thanks for sharing ;).