Monday, May 16, 2011

A Tigers Game...

On Saturday, Grandpa M, Joseph, and I, went to the Tigers game!

We also went to an event sponsored by Home Plate Ministries before the game, 
which basically is where players past and present share their Christian faith.

It was wonderful!

Some of the speakers included Ramon Santiago, Tom Brookens, Frank Tanana, 
Nick Harris (punter for the Lions) Don Kelly, Daniel Schlereth, and Willie Horton.

Willie Horton sharing

Walking around beautiful Comerica Park..

Reliever Daniel Schlereth giving a little pitching clinic before the game.

Joe looks excited!!!

The view from our seats...

A pic I was able to pull in with a nice zoom lens.... (can you see the ball?)

We had a great time!

BTW, the Tigers won 3-0!

GO TIGERS!!!!!!!


  1. Can I say 'go Tigers' too? Orrr...would that start a revolution down here....

    Nice shot of the batter and ball, Jon! Aren't zoom lenses great?