Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lansing update...

Hey guys!

Jono here....

Just wanted to give you an update on what I did over the summer in Lansing!

It has been a fun and productive time, meeting new people, attending
Curriculum Beyond the Classroom lunches, and doing various projects!

Earlier in the summer, during Week 2 of SSI, I was able to re-introduce my mom
to her former junior high science teacher, John Lazet - the man I interned under
during my first several months in Lansing!
It was really neat to get them connected again, and hear them share all the old memories!

Mom, Mr. Lazet, and I.

Another neat experience this summer was getting to see the Lt. Governor's
ceremonial office in the Capitol building. It is located directly behind the
Senate chamber, and our CBC group was given a little tour by Jenell Leonard,
 a former CBC intern who now serves as External and Strategic Coordinator for
 Lt. Governor Brian Calley.

Jenell and I.

**If you happen to live in House District 93 just north of Lansing,
(DeWitt, St. Johns, Ithaca, Alma)  consider supporting Tom Leonard, Jenell's husband,
who is running for State Representative coming up in 2012!
He is a great conservative, and would be a wonderful pick next fall....
Check out his website here for more details.**

Bill Kandler, former secretary of the Michigan Senate and aide to
former Michigan Gov. Jim Blanchard, spoke to us CBC students on August 9th.

He gave us a fascinating view into the experience of going from working in 
the government for much of his early career, to transitioning to the private sector.

Mr. Kandler and a part of the CBC crew

Probably one of the funnest venues we have had for a
CBC lunch was this last Tuesday, August 16.

Kevin Gray, a major gifts officer at Michigan State University, hosted
a special CBC luncheon at Spartan Stadium!

Up in the MSU President's Suite

During the tour, we saw the luxury suites,  the MSU President's Suite,
and even got to go in the press box!

A reluctant Michigan fan attended the lunch with us.....

The view from the upper floors of the stadium was amazing!
The arrow is pointing to the building that I work in downtown.

The CBC Crew!

It's been a wonderful summer!
I've gained much valuable experience, and hope to continue working
in Lansing through the fall, maybe longer!

P.S. A special thank-you to Kendall Wingrove for putting together
all the fantastic lunches and speakers! 

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