Saturday, October 29, 2011

Concert Reminder!

Our family is putting on a concert to help Grace and Melody attend the 
2011 Bible Bee Nationals in Nashville, Tennessee, November 16-19.

See the flyer below for more details:

Feel free to spread the word around, and see you November 5th!


  1. That would be really neat if we could attend...but, of course, we can't since we live WAY to far away :) I hope it goes well...and I'm sure your music will be beautiful!

    Also, Grace, you mentioned on Memverse that at Nationals last year that they played Pendragon. That is so neat! Our family really likes that movie!! It's neat that you helped with the music and that they showed it there!

    How is the studying going for you and Melody?

    Bethany Joy

  2. I'd definitely attend if I lived closer, much closer!

  3. It was such a beautiful concert! Thank you so much for blessing so many people with such beautiful music!! I would definitely come to as many more concerts as you guys would give!!!!(within reason/distance of course. :^D) Thanks Mieczkowskis!
    God Bless!!

  4. @Tillie - You are *most definitely* invited to our Australia debut in the summer of 2042........

  5. @Jon - Good on ya mate! I'm so glad to hear that you still plan on travelling the globe giving concerts at age 51.......But sure, I'll come! :^D