Saturday, September 3, 2011

The six teenagers....

Mom wanted to take this picture of her 6 teenagers.
This will only happen one other time in our family's existence!

Jonathan - 19
Grace - 18
Melody - 17
Joseph - 15
Anna - 14
Caleb - 13


  1. Oh, wow! We have four teenagers in our family...

    Daniel (19)
    Amy (17)
    Bethany (15)
    Carissa (13)

    Other than Jonathan, are you all doing the Bible Bee? Both Carissa and I are doing it and my little brother, David, is also doing it!


  2. Hey Bethany!

    Sounds like fun! I know it's been great to have several siblings close together - there's so many opportunities to impact our world as a family. God loves to work in such neat ways as that!

    Our ages range from Jonathan (now 20) to Rebecca (4), and everyone in between participated in the Bible Bee. Julia (the second youngest) participated in Timothy Track :)

  3. Grace,

    Yes, it's fun to have lots of siblings close together. I have 6 other siblings, ranging from 19 to 1, soon to be 20 to 2. My oldest brother (Daniel) shares the same birthday as my youngest sister (Faith)!

    Looking forward to meeing you and your family at Nationals!