Thursday, November 10, 2011

Current events...

A quick update on what is going on in Lansing:

I have had the opportunity to attend the last couple meetings of the
The Society is a non-profit group that is dedicated 
to bringing conservative and libertarian ideas into legal education.

The president of the Society, Kendell Asbenson, is a friend of mine, and 
a fellow member of Curriculum Beyond the Classroom.

The meetings range from speakers such as Justice Stephen Markman, 
to debates on interesting topics such as the definition of marriage.

I very much enjoy these events, and am grateful to Kendell for inviting me!

Philip, Me, Justice Markman, and Kendell

On a lighter topic, a couple of weeks ago I helped paint the the 
reception area of Senator Green's office, 
(what other color could it have been?) 

We have also had some new additions to the office staff!

Besides the elk that guards the hall leading to the Senator's office,
we have now added "the Big Kitty", a mountain lion that
Senator Green took in Idaho last year. (185 lbs kill weight.)

Yep, that's one big kitty......

Other additions include a pheasant, and a snow goose. 

The current CBC legislative interns....

Have a great day, everyone!

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