Sunday, November 20, 2011

A wonderful experience....

As I write (type!) this, we are traveling South from Nashville
 to Alabama, to visit our good friends the Palazzolos!

The 2011 Bible Bee has been an amazing experience, 
and a great blessing to all who attended!

Here are a few pictures from Saturday:

Grace, Emily, and Melody

For lunch, we attended a "family picnic" with Bill Gothard and Tom Harmon.

The Senior Final Challenge round was amazing...
We were very happy for our friend GraceAnn Westfahl, who won 2nd place!!!

The senior winners with Mark McMahan (Bible Bee CEO), Joel Belz
(editor of WORLD) and Bob Lepine  (Family Life Radio)

Congratulations GraceAnn!!!

Grace, GraceAnn and Melody

After a Celebration Ceremony, there was a dessert fellowship which provided
many opportunities for talking and more pictures!!!

We were very happy to meet many dedicated Mieczkowski Musings blog readers
and followers at the Bible Bee!!! It was great to meet/greet you all!!!

Give us a shout in the comments and tell us what your Bible Bee experience was like!

Try to imagine a convention center filled with a couple thousand 
Bible Bee'ers and their families!!! What fun!!!

We were very glad that both sets of grandparents could come 
down to the Bible Bee! We had a wonderful time!

-Our family-

This year's Bible Bee has been the best one yet, and we are very grateful to 
the Lord for allowing us to be a part of it...

The National Bible Bee is truly living up to its motto:
"Family Discipleship, One Verse at a Time"


  1. We watched the last three rounds online of the senior division. It was fantastic!