Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Doug Phillips on political candidates...

Nice concise statement from Doug Phillips on evaluating candidates for office...
"The biblical principle for evaluating candidate responses on specific issues is that we are not to be respecters of persons. This means that we evaluate specific statements and public positions objectively, not emotionally. We do not allow loyalties to cloud our judgment. We treat all men fairly, kindly and with the same standard. This does not necessarily diminish from our appreciation or disregard for them as candidates. It means that when Democrats do well we say so, and when Republicans do not, we say so as well. It means that the standard transcends the individual. Only then can we be faithful and honest as citizens of Heaven first, and the United States second."

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holiday Festivities...

During the Christmas and New Year holidays,
it is a wonderful time to visit with friends and family!

Jon attended a CBC get-together in Lansing hosted by the Wingrove family!

Many games of Pit

The CBC bunch

After Christmas we visited the Thompson family who also has 10 kids!
Including us, 20 kids, 4 adults!!! Tons of fun!

Always lots of food!

...and ping pong

.....and card games

....and fooseball

....and Balderdash

.... and puppies!!!

We also had a wonderful time at a New Year's Eve celebration at the Alessio's house!

We had a great time fellowshipping with everyone throughout the night!

More family games!

Happy New Year everyone!


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