Saturday, April 28, 2012

Moving Week Post #3

Well, the big day has finally arrived!

The last of the stuff...

Last glimpses of our former home..

Moving the last (of 3!) pianos into the house

Anyone want to start a car rental business?

Another group of 25+ people showed up to help unload!

Even a big kitchen can get crowded!!

The cutest one on the moving crew!

Our first party at the new house!

Scott and Caleb working in the boys' room

The furniture organizers

Getting the appliances in place...

"Where should we start?"

Trying to bring the grass into submission :)

Our first family meal at the new house!

We are SO thankful to everyone who helped us with this mammoth task!
God has been very gracious every step of the way. His way is best!
We are looking forward to how the Lord will use our new home to be a blessing to many.

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  1. We had fun helping you all out, I hope you are all "settled in" by now!