Monday, July 2, 2012

of Rides and Friends...

Hi all-

Little update from your struggling webmaster Jonno,
apologizing for the posts, or lack thereof, recently :)

Over the past month, two vehicles have been added to the Mieczkowski fleet.

My faithful '94 Beretta met an untimely end a few months ago,
so I recently purchased an '03 Pontiac Vibe!

It has enough space to carry around tools for my handyman jobs,
and gets pretty good gas mileage for my commute to Lansing!

Just last week, Dad bought this 1995 Ford F-350 off a friend from church 
who runs a landscaping business! We have been wanting a work truck for hauling 
wood and plowing our quarter-mile driveway in the winter, so this fit the bill!

A couple of weeks ago, Caleb and I took a couple friends cruising
in Grandpa B's '66 Mustang. We had a blast!

Check out this video Caleb took of a little action on Woodward:

We had tons of fun!

Well, that's been what's going with 
cars around the Mieczkowski place!

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