Wednesday, August 1, 2012

String Camp 2012

The week immediately following SSI, we attended the
Orion Chamber Music Society String Camp!

We had an amazing time playing wonderful music!!

Listening class is always fun!

Something must be interesting...


Mr. Holliday, our beloved conductor

The advanced students played in orchestras with the younger students.

Mary and Philip V. (roll over for more insights on Mary and Philip's week)

Lydia and Audrey


One of the students came to camp on a Harley every day!

OCMS String Camp 2012!!!

What a fun bunch!!!

"Praise Him with stringed instruments and pipe!"
Psalm 150:4b


  1. Great job on making it to Nationals, Melody and Anna! Although I did not make it, it was a great summer learning about 2 Timothy and memorizing the verses, wasn't it? :)

  2. Hey... My name is Jordan Strang. I saw that two of you are competing at the national bible bee... Congrats! I also, qualified in the Senior division and will be there. It would be neat to meet your family. My family has followed your blog for the past few years!

    God bless!

    Jordan Strang

  3. @Rachel - Yes, definitely a worthwhile summer spent in the Word! Even though I was too old to "do" Bible Bee, it was still a blessing to study along in 2 Timothy :) (And, a "thank you" from Melody and Anna) Blessings on your continued study of God's Word!

    @Jordan - Yes, it would be neat to run into each other at Nationals! Congratulations to you as well :) We've actually met several other families at Bible Bee Nationals who have been longtime blog-followers :) Funny isn't it?!

    God bless you!

  4. How many more years can Melody participate in the Bible Bee? Just curious... :)

    1. @Rachel - This is in fact Melody's last year