Saturday, September 1, 2012

Barn 2012

Hey all you faithful Musings followers!
Sorry for the (most recent) extended absence from the blogosphere!

This travesty was due to the following two reasons:

1. bus·y  

adj. bus·i·er, bus·i·est
Engaged in activity, as work; occupied.

2. No Internet = much sadness, wailing, and laments,
lack of productivity, connectivity, and sanity - 
comparative to being stranded on a desert island,
cut off from civilization, etc., etc.

Ok, all kidding aside, we have been insanely busy over 
the past several weeks/months, and are trying to catch up on 
the backlog of events and pictures that have built up.

The Annual Barn Vacation

Our trusty steed makes another run....

The Barn

Originally built in 1972 by Mom's Grandma Prange
to house 14 people - there are really 14 beds in the Barn!
Works great with Grandma and Grandpa B. + us!

Visiting with family and family, and more family!

Can't get enough of the Lake!

Alizah and Melody

Enjoying the sunset...

Another large family (they must homeschool:)

The world's largest practice room!

Two of our little cousins, Elizabeth, and Lydia - So cute!

We played so much frisbee that we don't have any pictures of us playing!

Playing with the Cousins

Our cute cousin Drew

Bonfires with our cousins...

Sending up luminaries over the Lake

Croquet - a Mitchell tradition...

Another Drew sighting...

The traditional picture on the train at Brown's Berry Patch

A big cone for a little girl!

How pitiful! I wonder if they didn't finish their ice cream?

Lots of delicious fresh produce...

Having fun with our boat...
-The Captain-

The view of The Barn from the lake

Cousin Paul and his buddy, Caleb

Alizah and Rebecca

We had a wonderful time, and can't wait for next year!

Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
Psalm 133:1


  1. Congratulations Anna and Melody for qualifying to National Bible Bee!

  2. Those times with cousins are so fun! Congratulations on the Bible Bee advancement to nationals!!