Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Visit with the Palazzolos

Our dear friends the Palazzolos came up to visit after a flurry of string camps!

Yep, with 21 people for meals, there are a lot of cups!

Putting the basement to good use...

A gaggle of girls

Tons of frisbee as usual...


Admiring Olivia's pancake-batter-pouring strategy...

"Wait, these are MY cookies!"

The girls went on a shopping expedition - to the Salvation Army!

Why DAHling!

"What time is it?"

They also had a little tea party and enjoyed discussing biblical femininity
while the guys had tacos and considered biblical manhood.

- The Guys-

Lots of people = lots of shoes!

Joseph found himself a helper in the garden

We had a wonderful time! (mouseover)
"A friends loves at all times..."
Proverbers 17:17a

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