Saturday, October 27, 2012

Movie time!

Hi all!

Some of you have probably heard of a movie that is currently 
in production here in SE Michigan called "Beyond the Mask."

It is being produced by Burns Family Studios, who made 
"Pendragon, Sword of his Father" a couple of years back.

We have known the Burns family for several years, and have
played with them in different orchestras, etc..

Here's a little bit about the movie's storyline:

Beyond the Mask is an action-fused historic adventure, set in the international turmoil of the mid 1770′s. Running for his life, an East India Company assassin buried his past in a quiet English village, assuming the mantle of an Anglican priest. But this disguise won’t last for long when a woman he loves and a war he no longer wants force him to confront the question of who he really is. In the face of a looming global conflict, he discovers for himself the meaning and source of true justification and freedom.

They have several big-name actors involved - the most well-known would probably
be John Rhys-Davies, who played Gimli the Dwarf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

John Rhys-Davies as the villain, Charles Kemp

Anyways, Joseph and Jon were asked to be extras in a couple of 
scenes as members of a colonial string quartet for "Beyond the Mask."

Here we are at a night shoot - it was really cold!

The ball scene

Here's one of the production updates - 
one of the scenes we were in was shot at this location:

-UPDATE 11/1-
None of the scenes we were in were filmed here, but I thought
this would be of interest to the SE Michigan people;
The BTM team did a day or so of filming at Meadowbrook Hall!

It will be so neat to see the local landmarks in this movie when it comes out!

We had a great time, and can't wait until 
"Beyond the Mask" comes out in December, 2013!


  1. Hello! I had been reading your blog for a while, but didn't realize you knew the Burnses! We live near the Ray Burns family, and are in fact they are our best friends! However we also have had the privilege to get to know the ''Northern Burnses'' as well. My older sister and our brother went up LAST October to help with set construction, etc. And this year the same sister was ''Assistant Costume Designer'' for the film! (long-distance :)....she discussed plans with Marilyn via phone and internet and designed quite a few of the costumes, which were sewn by the crew up there!)
    It's good to hear from others involved in the film- that's neat that some of you were able to play music in it; I'm sure that scene will be one of the best in the film, and live music completes the full historical picture of the night!
    Thank you for following my blog!

    1. Very cool! I think we ran across your post about Chad and Angie's wedding a while back, so that's how we found your blog :) Thanks as well for following Mieczkowski Musings!

  2. I see my sister already found your blog and told you a little about us. Thanks for the post and i am a new follower!!

  3. I just watched the movie! I was looking for you in the film. I found you guys. Great job! You even made it into the credits