Sunday, October 21, 2012

This summer in Lansing...

Hi all-

For those of you that haven't heard, I have started a new position as a
legislative aide in the office of Rep. Tom McMillin!

It was a wonderful opportunity that came up suddenly, and 
it has been a great blessing so far!

Rep. McMillin is a great conservative, and hails from 
the Rochester/Rochester Hills area.

My old boss, Sen. Green and I on the Senate floor

With Michigan Senate Majority Floor Leader Arleen Meekof & Sen. Green.

My mentor, Kendall Wingrove, has been putting on some great lunches
and events with informative speakers throughout the summer.

With the executive director of Michigan Family Forum, Brad Snavely

All work and no play makes Jon a dull boy!
During the summer, I have had the opportunity to hang out at
 a good bit at the Wingrove's house!

 Favorite activities include:
Playing pool
Miniature Golf
Cheering on the Tigers

.... You get the point :)

Miniature Golf with Zach

It was great to visit with friends home from college during the summer!

Our most recent lunch featured Eric Doerr, associate director of the 
Lear Corporation Career Services Center at 
MSU's Eli Broad College of Business.

He gave a very informative talk on resum├ęs and how to 
make a good first impression on a potential employer.

-The group-

Well, that's all for now!


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