Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lansing Musings...

About a week ago, Joseph and Anna were able to join me (Jon) in Lansing for a day -
they came to work on some Ambassador League assignments.

Here we are in Lansing with Josh Nunez, the very first SSI member to
receive the John Quincy Adams Award.  Josh went on to work in the
Michigan Legislature and served as a staffer in the administration of
former Gov. John Engler.

Another great lunch put on by our good friend, Kendall Wingrove

An article ran recently in the Flint Journal about my winning the 
2012 Fitzgerald Public Service Award! You can read the article here

Here I am with Nate Knapper, another CBC member who won 
the Fitzgerald Award back in 2007.  
Nate now works in the Consumer Protection Division 
at the Michigan Attorney General's office.

Kendall took a few of us guys over to Grand Rapids to volunteer at the 
which featured guest speakers Robert Gibbs, and Karen Hughes.

While we were there, Kendall came up with the below picture and description:

"Someone made an 'off the cuff' remark about taking a photo like this... we did! I've got to 'hand it' to Matt & Jon & Frankie & Chris
for all agreeing to my 'initial' idea of bringing monogrammed shirts
to the breakfast event."

Work is going well, and I am enjoying it very much!


  1. Hey Jon, this is totally "off the cuff" of this post, but I was sorta curious what tie not you used in the third pic... I like the style!

    1. @Jordan - if my memory does "knot" fail me, I believe it is a double Windsor :)