Monday, May 20, 2013

May 2013 Random Candids

Here are a few pictures of the last several weeks' happenings!

For some reason, we have a series of pictures with Rebecca
fast asleep at different times and places
 (you already saw one of them here)

Good friends Vicki and Melody

Pictures from the birthday party for Joseph, Rebecca and myself
in April: 

Hot sauce - his favorite!

New scarf and purse - made by Lydia!

Lovely new computer bag...

Grandpa models Rebecca's new hat

We had a great time of fellowship with Josh and Hannah M. awhile ago.

Hannah and the three younger girls

All the girls!

The guys - enjoying good conversation

Jon models our smallest violin!

Just before Rebecca's top tooth came out -
 can you see it hanging on?

It's gone now!
(Check out Rebecca's current two-teeth-missing look right here)

Good friends and violin duet partners!

Smiles while working in the garden

Mary took this lovely picture...

Anna took this one...

The boys found this little guy yesterday evening!

Off he goes...

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