Saturday, June 15, 2013

Downtown Doings

A couple of weeks ago, a very kind cousin of ours
treated us and some good friends to a Detroit Symphony Orchestra concert!

After the concert, we went to lunch at The Whitney just down the street.

We ate lunch in the music room

Now there's a great table for 22!

These ladies have had an enjoyable time together.

"This is so wonderful!"

"We are so blessed!'

A cutie pie in a heart

A gaggle of girls

The Whitney is a 21,000 square foot mansion
with beautiful woodwork throughout.
Some of the lighting was actually installed by Thomas Edison.

The staircases are exquisite

Many blessings lined up here!

Not long after, the Alessios and most of our family
went to a baseball game
between the Detroit Tigers and Tampa Bay Rays.

Comerica Park is a great baseball stadium.

Aren't we having fun!

"Take me out to the ballgame..."

This was Mary's first game!

Dear friends

Cabrera mid-swing - can you find the baseball??

This was also Lydia's first Tiger's game.

We won!

What a great time we had in downtown Detroit!
It is always encouraging to spend time with good friends
thanking the Lord for His goodness.


  1. I remember the first baseball game my Dad took me to... he didn't tell me where we were going till we were on the way! And then I got my baseball cap autographed by one of the pitchers! I think I was six at the time!

  2. Looks like you all had so much fun! We just had a minor leagues baseball stadium put in just down the road from us. Their first game is tomorrow night, it's all sold out, but I can't wait to go to a game soon! It would be my first ever baseball game;)