Saturday, July 6, 2013

June happenings

Here are a few pics from happenings in June (and thereabouts!):

Anna and her friend Zsofie played in their harp teacher Kerstin Allvin's recital
It was lovely!

We had a lot of brush to burn.

Grace took this amazing picture! Notice the playhouse Caleb built
in the background.

Our good friend Matthew Bryson had his graduation party.
What a great speech!

Time for a wood-gathering party! We were very grateful
to have some terrific guys helping us!

Many hands make light work!

Did you say Mickey Mouse? We couldn't hear you!

Now there's some muscle!

Riding on top of the world

They brought in several full cords of wood!
We will be so warm this winter!

Next project - 4x4 quad - the boys bought very cheap, but not running... yet


The barefoot mechanic?

Lydia took this beautiful picture


  1. Looks like you all have been busy:) where did you find all the wood?

  2. It's actually all from our property! About half of our 27 acres is wooded. We're very thankful to be able to use the resources God has blessed us with!