Thursday, July 25, 2013

OCMS String Camp 2013

We had a wonderful time at our beloved
Orion Chamber Music Society String Camp last week!

Enjoying Lake Orion's new auditorium!


Grace was the assistant camp director this year - details, details, details!

Grace filled in on viola part of the time

-the lineup-

Bows in the air, fingers on the string :)


OCMS String Camp 2013!

"Everyone stay put!"


Lunch - one of the top three most popular times of the day :)

Thank-you cards for the conductors!

Hanging out after the final concert

For the complete pictorial record from the week, click here. 

We had a great time, and the next one can't come soon enough!

"Praise Him with stringed instruments and pipe."
Psalm 150:4b


  1. Hmmm... I don't think they'd let me in the door of that place being that I'm a pianist...!

    Okay, I'm just kidding! Anything, "Orchestra" excites me!

  2. In that last picture... your brother looks like his head comes out of that circle thing. :D I laughed out loud it looked so funny!

    Looks like tons of fun!

    ~Bethany Strang

    1. @Bethany - that is so funny - we hadn't noticed! LOL!