Friday, August 9, 2013

Barn 2013 post #4 - "The Final Post"

Welcome to our final post about our time at the Barn!

Sometimes sitting and relaxing is the best thing to do...

Tubes are just as fun on land!

"I'm in the Black Hole!"

Our dinner table is actually a super old ping pong table.

No one had played on it for well over 20 years, so Jon was
determined to pull it out and play while were at the Barn.
Our great uncles used to stand outside the windows to play!

Rollover to see the table BEFORE!

Our little reader - lost in a book again...

Another beautiful sunset

Everyone can't get enough of DREW!

We were able to get together with two families that we know through 
the Bible Bee that live in Western New York!

Talking, Talking, Talking :)

Playing Dutch Blitz - a favorite of all the families!

In the nearby town of Albion, there is a tower in the middle of an old cemetery. 
It was built to honor the veterans of the Civil War.

Several of us kids went over with a couple of cousins to check out the view!

Everyone wave!

If you look closely at this next picture, the lake is at the horizon.
It's also about 10 miles away :)

Click for a larger view

Our two little cousins: Lydia and Elizabeth

Alizah and Rebecca

The A team - Anna and Abby

More Drew fans...

Making the swing rounds!

Another lovely sunset

This year, we were able to overlap one night with our cousins
from Virginia, whom we don't see very often - it was a ton of fun!
When Mom was a kid, Kathy and her three sisters slept
in the back bedroom of the Barn with Mom.
They would lower an empty Kleenex box
down to Gr'ma Prange's room, and she would send up candy!
There are 14 beds in the Barn!

Kathy and Lorie

Rebecca and Jackson

-The Guys-

Mouseover for a change :)

What a great time we had at the Barn! How grateful we are
for the Godly heritage we have had through generations.

"... you have given me the heritage of those
who fear your name."
Psalm 61:5b

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  1. Hey - some of these pictures look awful familiar :)! So glad that you enjoyed your trip to "the barn" and thank you, thank you, thank you for letting us come over for a day! Our family had so much fun with you all :).