Friday, September 27, 2013

U.P. Post Part 4

Well, here's the final post about our time in the U.P.!

Dutch Blitz with 12 people!
On the way up, we lost a hubcap near Mackinaw City.
When we went to church on Sunday, we drove past the spot 
and Caleb found it just where it had rolled off!

We were able to get our van back with a new transmission.
Our trip was extended by two days - no one was complaining!

Practice time!

The camper we stayed in

Dad at work in the camper

Forgot to bring your math? Mrs. Beckman can fix that!

We love volleyball!

Pancakes before (rollover for after :)

Playing "Kingdoms"

Matthew and Joe play the same instruments! (rollover)

Joe and Matthew had a pushup contest that was captured in stop-motion.

Check it out below:

Fellow cellists


The younger set

We are the same age!

Lots of Ultimate Frisbee

Forget the instruments, we brought our hockey sticks!
"No, no, no!" says Mrs. Beckman.

The youngest kids

The boys all enjoyed shooting bows together almost every day we were there!

Always improving!

"Wait! There's a bunny rabbit!"

While we were there, Jon shot a "Robin Hood!"

The shot was at 20 yards

For those that don't know, a Robin Hood is when you split an arrow already
in the target with a second arrow - it is the "hole in one" of archery:

A closer look...

Joseph tried his hand at trumpet

A chipmunk practices

I am a star!

Helena climbs Jacob's ladder

The latest craze is string games!

Like my Siberian hut?

We have had such a great time!

Our littlest girls

We had a wonderful time of fellowship
with our friends the Beckmans and look forward
to many more times together!

"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
for brethren to dwell in unity!"
~Psalm 133:1


  1. You're right!!! Volleyball IS the best!

    Jon, I'm impressed! Didn't know you were such a good shot with a compound! I'm not too bad with a semi-auto handgun or 1911, but for some reason, I think I'd make a fool of myself on the archery range!

    1. Jordan - Yes, I planned it - NOT :)
      It would be awesome to do some target practice of *any type* with you sometime!! Want to meet half-way? Like somewhere in Nebraska or Wyoming?!? LOL :)

      See you at the Bible Bee!!

  2. My brother was amazed at Jon's shot (me too:))!
    Looks like a great time!
    Blessings, Cassie