Saturday, September 21, 2013

U.P. Trip Part 1

We are in Michigan's Upper Peninsula visiting our friends the Beckmans
(check out their blog here :)

The traditional departure picture

"Too much stuff!"

Coming up to the Mackinac Bridge

The little girls and Helena

-The guys-

Everyone else :)

The older girls practicing a piano quartet - Jonathan seems lost :)

All us kids are staying in the Beckman's camper.

Rebecca took a tumble out of her bunk!

We haven't been able to post for several days
because our van has been out of the country -
no, we haven't been out of the country, just our van...
It started with the "check engine" light,
then the engine temp increasing,
then about 2 miles from the Beckman's -
the "trans temp" light - not good.
We had to take the van to a place in the US
that takes the cars over to Canada
to fix the transmissions.

The Beckmans very generously let us use their van
to take our planned trip to Pictured Rocks.
The trip overall may be longer than we expected!
Everyone seems to be cheering!

Munising Falls

I think this is here from when I was a kid (just kidding!).

Rebecca in a "cave" her size :)

Miner's Castle at Pictured Rocks

From above

On the way back to the Beckman's, we visited the Sable Falls.

The Sable Falls - rollover for scale :)

One of the Grand Sable Dunes

Joseph and Caleb climbed the dune and snapped a couple of pics.

Can you see us? (rollover)

Stay tuned for more pics of our U.P. adventures!


  1. Very nice pictures! Who took them? :) ~Rebekah

  2. Various members of the family with various digital devices :)