Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Preparations for Bible Bee concert

As many of you know, our Bible Bee concert is this Saturday!
So, we have been practicing!

Hard at work in the living room

Rebecca's "music"

Mary's concentrated look

Our one and only bass player

Mary and Julia did a "program" for Dad:

rollover for more of the "program" - note Mary's bio

Our family's program (click for larger view)

Looking forward to seeing you there!
For those in faraway lands and peninsulas,
we plan to post some of the music later!


  1. Looks like fun! Rebecca's music is so cute! :) One day our family hopes to attend!
    Looking forward to hearing some of what you played!


  2. If I was closer, I would be there!

    I'm sure this will be an awesome concert!

  3. Excited to hear the music you are planning to post on here after the concert! =) I'm sure that the music will be gorgeous and that you will bless so many who attend. Blessings! [P.S. And this is yet another reminder that nationals is right around the corner. Back to studying! =)]