Sunday, December 1, 2013

2013 Bible Bee Highlights Video UPDATED

Here is a video the Bible Bee showed at the wrap-up ceremony looking back
at their 5 years of ministry to families and individuals around the world.

Also, here is a funny video one of the Bible Bee families made about the Bible Bee!

Note: If you were not at this year's Bible Bee Nationals,
much of this will make no sense, it is full of awesome inside jokes and references!

You Know You're in Bible Bee When... from BB Fam on Vimeo.


  1. Wow:) that's so neat that you all filmed this:) I was just thinking about wanting to see it again, and feeing sad that I couldn't! just made my day:) thank you so much!
    You wouldn't happen to have any videos of the Choir and Orchestra would you? That would be simply astonishing:)

    1. @Elanee - Unfortunately, this is all that we videoed at the Celebration Ceremony this year :(

  2. Hello Mieczkowski family! Thank you so much for sharing this video. =) Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!

    ~ elizabeth.

    P.S. My brothers and I put together a video called "You Know You're in Bible Bee When..." and thought you guys might like to see it. :) (Here's the link, if you'd like to watch it: Blessings!

    1. @ Elizabeth - Awesome video! Love all the inside BB jokes/references! As you can see we added your vid to this post :) Thanks for sharing!

    2. We're so glad you all enjoyed it and were excited to see that you added to the post. =) Blessings!